Spend less time IN your business and more time ON your business with the help of automation!

Tasks that you complete regularly can (and should!) be automated. We spend so much of our day completing the same task over and over again. Automation is the secret to working smarter, not harder. I have compiled a list of 10 easy ways you can automate your business.

10 Ways You Should Be Automating Your Business:

1. Schedule social media and use a template:

Create your social media content in batches and schedule them to post automatically. Scheduling posts will save you time and, creating them in batches prevents the daily struggle of deciding what to post! To further save time, create a graphic template in line with your branding and edit the image and text as needed. You can also set a reminder on your phone to engage daily on your social media accounts (setting a timer can prevent you from getting lost in the scroll!).

2. Email templates:

If you find yourself sending similar emails regularly, you can save them as templates. Update any names, dates and attachments before sending. You can also schedule emails to send at specific times. 

3. Accounting software:

Don’t spend time sending invoices and chasing missed payments. Invest in accounting software to do the legwork for you. Good accounting software will send the invoice, remind clients of upcoming payments, and advise you and the client of any missed payments. You should also be able to track your incoming and outgoing payments and set financial goals. 

4. Calendar booking tool:

No longer will you spend your time waiting alone on a zoom call or with back and forth emails to determine a suitable time to book a meeting. Install a calendar booking tool on your website to allow the client to find a suitable time for you both. The client will also receive automatic reminders for the appointment. 

5. Client journey:

Automate the client journey with welcome emails, contracts, meetings, proposals etc. A good CRM will allow you to automate this process and personalise it for your business.

6. Project management:

Project management programs such as Asana or Trello are fantastic for keeping on top of your to-do list and tracking the progress of tasks. You can also set recurring tasks and apply due dates, assign to different team members and keep all resources in one place. 

7. Client satisfaction surveys:

Automatically send a survey after the completion of a project or a set time into your agreement. This is a great way to ask for referrals as well! 

8. Onboarding:

Automate the onboarding process for new team members or contractors. Automate emails to gather personal details, share software or programs, log-in information, communication requirements, contracts etc.

9. Payment platforms:

Payment platforms remove the need for invoicing or unnecessary liaising with a client. Clients can make payments directly through your website. There are several payment platforms available, such as PayPal and Stripe. Stripe has become very popular as it is available in more countries and doesn’t redirect your client away from your website to process the payment, like platforms such as PayPal. 

10. Hire a VA:

Hand this all over to a VA who can take care of it for you. Dot the I and cross the Ts. They can help you automate where possible and tackle the parts of your business that can’t be automated and that you don’t enjoy. That’s a win-win!


Dubsado is the dream program that can take most of these tasks off your hands altogether. Automate your client communications, invoicing, contracts, calendar bookings…you name it! 


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Whether you are looking for a system that can help you automate your business or a VA to take the reins, or both, reach out today!