Well done! You’ve created an amazing offer and I know you can’t wait to present it to your ideal client. Before you go any further, it’s crucial to focus your energy on creating an equally amazing landing page that will make an eye-catching impression!  

You need all eyes on this offer and, you need this landing page to convert! A well-designed landing page can help you achieve but how do you do it? Creating a fantastic, converting landing page isn’t as easy as most business owners think. There are several crucial elements that you need to include in order to create a high-converting landing page that makes leads invest!

I’ve compiled a list of the 3 key elements of an effective, high-converting landing page! 

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Your headline is what will grab their attention first. You need to explain the offer clearly and entice leads to continue reading to learn more and invest! Generally, keeping the headline short and getting straight to the point is the best approach. You’ll have the opportunity to further explain and reiterate your offer throughout the page. 


You’ve shared your offer, you’ve shared the benefits of the offer, and you’ve shared why someone wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity. Be aware that people might be unfamiliar with your brand and with you. This unfamiliarity can lead to feeling unsure about investing with you as there is an element of risk. The best way to build trust is to demonstrate your expertise and ability with social proof. 

You probably have been in this situation yourself and have wanted to purchase something from an unfamiliar business, so what did you do? You read reviews, you looked for before and afters and you looked for feedback. Including client testimonials, case studies and, any awards or certifications you have received is a great way to provide social proof and help build trust. Social proof is a powerful tool and, providing it can significantly increase the conversion rate of your landing page. It shows your lead that other people have invested in your offerings and were successful (and not to mention, glad they invested!).  


You’ve grabbed their attention with an enticing headline, you’ve shared your offer along with social proof, and now you need a clear and persuasive call to action (CTA). Ideally, CTAs should be short but still reinforce the benefits of taking up the offer. You want your CTA to be stand out from the rest of the text. Avoid standard and overused CTAs such as ‘CLICK HERE” or “SUBMIT”. Think carefully about how you will present your CTA as this is the whole reason for the landing page! A great CTA will clearly explain what the lead is gaining from your offer and for their click!


Include reinforcement statements!

People usually need to be reminded why taking up an offer is such a great idea. So, it is best to have a reinforcement section about halfway down a landing page. This small section recaps the offer’s benefits, reinforces the headline, and reminds leads what they will be missing if they don’t follow your call to action. 

With these three key elements, plus the addition of reinforcement statements, you will have an impressive and high converting landing page that will turn leads into clients. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!