As a Coach or Consultant having the ability to provide your clients with easy and convenient payment methods is a must, plus the ability to be paid immediately is an obvious bonus!

A good solution is to use Stripe as it does just that, however, what if there was a better option for your business? What if you were to use an online Shopping Cart instead of a payment process? 

What is Stripe?

If you haven’t heard of Stripe it is a payment processor or gateway (software) that allows your customers to safely and efficiently transfer funds from their credit cards or bank accounts in a variety of currencies.

It also helps them to make both one-time and subscription-based payments. In addition, Stripe also offers other services including billing, invoicing, and sales tax automation.

It’s a great tool to have in your business. It integrates with many other platforms including Dubsado and Xero. It’s free to set up but there are fees for processing payments which you can find out about here.

You can set up your products within Stripe and create checkout pages. You can also create payment plans but both are quite limited in what you can do with them. 

If you simply just want to collect payments from your clients then Stripe is a great solution for you, however, what if you need more?

Why you should use a shopping cart in your Coaching business?

As a Coach/Consultant you may be thinking why would I need to use shopping cart technology in my business? How is it going to benefit your business?

However, if you sell anything online including your services, you soon will need to consider a shopping cart solution especially if you want to create a seamless checkout experience for your client.

Stripe can, of course, make your sales process smooth and considerably easier. But. There is a big problem with using this method.

No upsells, down-sells or order bumps.

This is where ThriveCart comes into play.

With a dedicated shopping cart, you can make sales whilst you sleep! It all sits within the same cart so your client just clicks to add an upsell to their cart and pays at the end. 

What is ThriveCart?

ThriveCart will help you to sell and take payment for your services, physical products, digital products, and subscriptions. It is one of the fastest-growing sales options for content creators, course leaders, coaches, and eCommerce businesses. 

If you want the ability to sell more to your current customers and have the ability to sell more within one transaction then ThriveCart is the right tool for you!

So what are the benefits of using ThriveCart?


  • Cart Templates with proven high conversion rate
  • Mobile Friendly & 2-Step Checkout Forms
  • Fast Loading Times
  • Upsells & Funnel Builder
  • Split Testing
  • Affiliate Setup
  • Integrations with many Email Marketing Solutions
  • Coupons, Trials, and Subsciptions
  • Detailed Customer Stats and Management
  • Digital Sales Tax Done For You (this is priceless!)

Is ThriveCart right for your Coaching business?

As you can see, ThriveCart provides a lot of benefits for Coaches who use it in their business. 

From providing flexible billing, and integrating with email marketing systems to create targeted automated workflows, to building sales pages using pre-made templates that are designed to convert leads to sales! It really does pack a powerful punch!

So if you’ve been using Stripe and feeling like it’s not really supporting your business as you need it to then maybe it’s time to introduce a shopping cart platform like ThriveCart.

Thrivecart currently has a limited-time offer for lifetime access for $495 USD. 

If you feel like ThriveCart could be the solution simply book a Clarity Call with me today to get started.