A common question I hear from coaches is ‘how do I use Dubsado for my coaching business?’ 

As a coach, your time and energy are precious resources. Yet, sometimes it can feel like you’re stuck juggling a million tasks, including all those boring admin tasks involved in onboarding new clients, sorting out course admin, and managing your email list.

That’s where Dubsado comes in – offering a highly versatile platform that can be customised to your coaching business, in order to free up your time and energy, and wow your clients. 

So, what is Dubsado?

Dubsado is a business management tool (software) designed to help you stay on top of all aspects of running your business, from lead capture and onboarding through to your client management, invoicing and payments. 

Importantly for coaches, Dubsado is a powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), helping you to provide a highly professional and personalised experience throughout the entire client journey. 

Dubsado is a business streamlining tool, capable of replacing at least 6 other platforms you’re likely juggling, including Canva proposals, emails, calendars, invoicing systems, reporting, forms, client journey mapping and automations. 

Amazing, right? 

Let’s take a closer look at how Dubsado works to bring calm to the chaos of running your business. 

5 ways to use Dubsado as a coach

1. Collect leads with a lead capture form

Say goodbye to manually entering new leads into your system or missing an email enquiry in your inbox, with Dubsado’s lead capture forms. 

Simply embed the form on your website, or share a direct link with your lead. Anyone who completes the form is then automatically added into Dubsado as a new lead. 

Depending on your individual business flow, Dubsado can then trigger a workflow, such as sending information to that lead, adding a new project status, or sending a scheduler for them to book a discovery call. 

2. Use lead source tracking to identify where your ideal clients are 

To help you have a complete overview of where your leads are coming from you, Dubsado has the ability to do lead source tracking.

This is going to really help you to identify where your ideal clients are hanging out, so you can focus your efforts there (for example: Facebook or Instagram). 

3. Automate your client onboarding and invoicing

When a client decides to work with you, Dubsado saves you time by automating the onboarding and payment process for you. 

Automated Dubsado workflows can take care of: 

Contract signing


Tired of PDF’s that your clients don’t know how to sign and return? With Dubsado, your clients can simply sign an electronic contract with the details of your working relationship pre-populated. 

This is then stored within their client portal, meaning you will both have easy access to refer back to this document as needed. 


Once the contract is signed, seamlessly invoice your clients and manage payments through automated reminders and automatic payment collection on the due date. For ultimate convenience, you can include the proposal, contract and invoice all in one link.

Initial client questionnaires

Collect all the required information relevant to your work with a client, by sending an on-brand initial client questionnaire from Dubsado. 

Scheduling sessions

Using the inbuilt scheduler, you can move clients through onboarding and into a booked time in your schedule. You can also track important details such as the number of appointments a client has had with you. 

Something to be aware of is that Dubsado doesn’t currently have the ability to provide recurring meetings, however, there are ways around to work around this with the use of external schedulers. 

4. Keep clients organised within the Client Portal 

Reduce the need to resend important documents or answer the same questions multiple times, with Dubsado’s Client Portal. 

Within the portal, each individual client will have access to all of the documentation relevant to their work with you. 

They can access their portal page at any time with their email address, and they can refer back to their contract terms, invoices and emails all in one place. 

5. Automate your client offboarding

Offboarding – the time where you’re seeking feedback and testimonials, inviting your client to renew their coaching package, or successfully closing the working relationship – is an essential part of the positive experience your client has with you. Yet, successful offboarding can take just as much time as onboarding. 

With Dubsado, this process can be automated in a way that still feels highly personalised. 

As you can see, there’s a lot Dubsado can do to help coaches achieve their business goals, and we’ve only just scratched the surface in this post. 

Are you ready to use Dubsado in your coaching business?

If you’re ready to leave all those repetitive admin tasks behind, simplify your business and wow your clients, I can help.  

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My Done For You Service includes mapping your client experience journey – so you can plan exactly how your clients will interact with you leaving them feeling like a VIP.

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