Ever feel like you’re constantly on a hamster wheel? You’re running…and running…and running…but you’re not getting anywhere. You’re always on, with the endless merry go around of running your business.

There is always something to do whether it’s running your next webinar, building a course, creating a lead magnet, writing newsletters that barely get read and of course creating content for social media…

Plus, working and holding space for your clients. 

And it feels like if you stop, it’s all going to fall apart. After all, you don’t want anything to fall through the cracks, right?

What would it be like if you could turn off your business brain and not have to worry about your business burning up in the background?

This used to be me…

In my former life, before I started Cultivate, I was a Personal Assistant at one of the Big 4 accounting firms working with senior Partners.

An important part of being a PA is being organised and more importantly, staying calm (or at least appearing calm!) in order to support my Partners. It allowed them to focus on their tasks and operate at that Senior level.

When I started Cultivate I knew my PA skill set was going to be incredibly useful not only in supporting my clients with their admin but also in running my own business but I soon found myself feeling disorganised and things quickly became chaotic.

I didn’t have any processes in place around how I did things with my clients so every time I got a new client, I was starting from scratch which not only took up time but it also took the focus of my current clients.

I knew I needed to handle my clients in a more efficient way and give any new leads an impressive onboarding process that left them feeling like they had made the right decision in working with me.

So I went on a quest to find a system that could help… 

And that’s when I found Dubsado.

How Dubsado Brought Calm To My Chaos

I wanted something that would do invoicing, appointment bookings, questionnaires, contracts, feedback forms, email templates, and proposals and Dubsado ticked all of those boxes (and more!). 

I didn’t need to spend money or waste time learning 5 or 6 other systems when Dubsado covered them all.

I was immediately hooked and knew right away how much time and stress it would save me, and how much better I would appear to my clients because of it too. No more spending hours creating and tweaking Canva proposals or updating my Contracts for each new client or forgetting to invoice people or not chasing up on overdue payments!

So I set about transforming my business with Dubsado.

It was a steep learning curve in the beginning with the setting it up but this is my jam and I love getting in and getting my hands dirty and learning a new system so I had it up and running soon after. 

The beauty of Dubsado is its flexibility. There are multiple ways of doing something which means it will work for you.

Obviously, not every system is going to do 100% everything you need it to do but Dubsado comes pretty close!

I then had some enquire about setting their Dubsado account up. It was amazing that I could take this newfound skill and help someone else organise and automate their business and I’ve been helping my clients set up Dubsado for their business ever since and I love it.

With everything laid out nicely and templates to follow, everything you send out to your clients looks impressive and when you want to charge a premium for your coaching/consultancy services you need your client experience to match. Right?

I still have a million and one things I have to do to run my business, but I know that I have a good part of it under control, working for me and the time it saves me allows me to focus on all the other things!

So are you ready to go from Chaos to calm?

If you want to stop chasing your tail and claim back your time then it’s time you bring Dubsado onboard and bring calm to your business.

Before you say you don’t have the time to spare, I’ve got you covered with my Dubsado Done For You Services. Let me do the heavy lifting for you and get your system up and running ready for you to simply step into in 6 weeks!  

My Done For You Service includes mapping your client experience journey – so you can plan exactly how your clients will interact with you leaving them feeling like a VIP.

So let’s leave chaos behind, book a Clarity Call with me today.