So you have hired a new team member, well done!

But what’s next? Where do you start?

Firstly, you will want to save this onboarding checklist. By having a detailed process that you can replicate each time, you will know that everything is getting ticked off and nothing has been missed.  

Secondly, congratulations on hiring your new team member. Hopefully, you have hired your new team member before you reached the point of being overworked and exhausted. Too often, we leave it too late and are in dire need of support. By this stage, we are not in the right headspace to execute the hiring process correctly. We struggle to find a compatible team member and to onboard them as needed. 

So how do you onboard your new team member?

The key to smooth and cost-effective onboarding is a clear and detailed system. This onboarding system is designed to assist you with either a virtual or onsite hire, regardless of the role or industry. 


Include all task deliverables, work scope, rates and payment conditions, deadlines and termination conditions. A signed legal contract will protect both parties and can be referred back to at any time. 

Systems and Accounts

Provide your team member with a list of systems or programs they will need. Share access to any project management tools, such as Trello or Asana. Where required, share any passwords safely using a password sharing program. Ask your team member to log in to all accounts to confirm there are no issues. 


Schedule time to train the team member on any specific tools or programs they are not familiar with. 

Team Meeting

Host a team meeting and introduce the new member to your existing team. If your business team consists of only you and the new team member, still catch up for a quick video chat to touch base and get to know each other a little better. A team meeting helps create a feeling of unity and allows them to feel comfortable to reach out for support if needed. 

Client Introductions

Depending on the role of the new team member, schedule a time for them to be introduced to any clients that they will be working with. This introduction helps the client put a face to the name and feel more comfortable with having an additional team member involved in the project. 


As detailed in your contract, confirm with your team member your preferred communication methods and requirements. Be clear on how and when you will communicate. You want to be available and supportive but not micromanage them. 

Set Tasks

Allocate the task or project and trust! Trust your new team member to perform the role they have been contracted to do. If they are waiting for your input on an element, try to get back to them as soon as possible so they can continue with the project and it does not bottleneck with you.

Touch Base

Touch base regularly to identify areas for additional support and training or areas for growth. Ask for feedback from the new team member if they can see opportunities to improve the onboarding process or improve SOPs (standard operating procedures). 


Enjoy the feeling of building your team, growing your business and sharing the workload! 

Tick off these steps when you onboard your next team member and enjoy a smooth onboarding process! 

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