To you busy business owner who is always juggling 1000 tasks while trying to keep your online business afloat and find quality time to spend with your loved ones – I see how hard you’re working, and I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do it all by yourself. 

So many of my clients come to me in this situation. They are overworked, exhausted and they’ve run out of ways to put extra hours back in their days. 

If you’re feeling this right now, what if I told you that there’s a way to free up your time, reduce your stress and make your business thrive? 

The answer lies in the art of delegation, and I’m here to share with you how delegating tasks to an Online Business Manager (OBM) can transform your business and your sanity. 

Unlocking time and energy through delegation

While you probably started your business by doing everything yourself, there comes a point where trying to wear all the hats is standing in the way of the growth of your business. Not to mention it’s exhausting, running everything by yourself all of the time. 

It wasn’t until I started delegating tasks in my business that I broke out of the routine of being always ‘on’, and being so busy working in my business that I had no time to work on growing and scaling my business. 

Once I began delegating tasks, I suddenly had time and energy to focus on business growth, and the other things that matter in my life – like quality time with my family and time to prioritise my wellbeing. 

What would you do with that extra time to create lasting memories with your loved ones, nurture your relationships and take care of yourself?

Where to start with delegating business tasks


I get it – thinking about handing over control of your business tasks to someone else can feel scary, but effective delegation is crucial to the sustainability and growth of your business. 

To take some of the worry out of delegating, let’s break down the steps involved:

1. When’s the right time to delegate to an Online Business Manager?

An OBM can be a great asset to your business at any point along the way, particularly if you notice that:

  • You’re struggling to manage and oversee all the tasks of your business (including those assigned to your team)
  • You don’t have enough time to focus on your priorities 
  • You’re working reactively (as things arise) rather than working proactively (with planning and preparation)
  • You need the support of someone else or there are areas that are outside of your zone of genius (for example: setting up and managing online systems and automations).

2. Why is this the right time to delegate?

  • It’s time to increase efficiency – delegating means you’re assigning tasks to someone with the specific skills and expertise to get the job done. This means the work gets done efficiently and accurately. 
  • It’s time to reduce costs – trying to do everything yourself can lead to long hours spent on unpaid tasks and without significant results for your efforts.  
  • It’s time for more work-life balance – by delegating you can reduce your workload and improve your work-life balance. 

3. What to delegate to an Online Business Manager?

Here’s some questions to help you decide which business tasks you need to delegate:

  • Is this something I’m good at but don’t enjoy doing?
  • Is this something I’m simply not good at?
  • Do I need to focus on other responsibilities?
  • What are the tasks that someone else can do? These will likely be repetitive tasks that take up a lot of your time (like setting up systems, email marketing campaigns or invoicing clients)
  • What are the tasks that only I can do?

Once you’ve answered these questions, make a list of all of the tasks that you want to delegate. You can organise the list from the highest to lowest priority or pick the top 3 tasks to take off your plate.

4. Choosing the right person to delegate tasks to

Once you know what needs to be delegated, it’s time to find the right person to delegate to. This should be someone like an OBM, who has a solid understanding of online business systems, including how to utilise automations and tech platforms to streamline and simplify your business processes. This person should also be someone who can help you to manage daily activities and team members. 

And, because your business is your baby, it’s important to choose someone who aligns with your business values and understands the vision you’re working towards. 

The ripple effect of delegation

By delegating business tasks to an experienced OBM, you’re not only saving time and energy but also creating a ripple effect of other benefits. 

Your clients get a top-notch experience, which keeps them engaged and encourages referrals. You will gain back time to pursue your passions, to be creative in your business, and to focus on your zone of genius. Plus, you’re free to focus on longer-term goals like growing your business and, of course, to spend more time with your family and loved ones.

Delegating is less about lightening your workload and more about transforming your online business and your life. It’s about taking back control of your time and energy so that you can enjoy the moments that matter the most. 

So, are you ready to take the leap and take those repetitive tasks off your to-do list? Schedule a free Clarity Call with me and let’s take all of that “busy work” off your plate.

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