Systems &

Tech Support

Let’s turn your focus back to what you love and leave your tech to me.

Here are just some ways I can help you:

Landing Pages

Whether it's a simple opt-in page for a new lead magnet or a more in-depth sales page, I'll work with you to create a high-converting page, tailored to your branding.


Boost your conversions and spark sales with sales funnels that guide your customers towards that all-important next action step.

Dubsado Implementation

Streamline your client management with Dubsado. I'll set up a seamless system for you to automate your client onboarding, delivery and off-boarding. Freeing you up to focus on delivering exceptional service.

Email Marketing

Connect and convert with email marketing. Implementation and support with building sequences, segmentation and campaigns that nurture your audience.

Online Event Set Up

Let's make signing up a breeze with your sales funnels boosting your attendance and conversions and your event going off without a hitch.


Seamlessly integrate various tools and platforms to elevate your operational efficiency and supercharge your productivity.

Work With Me

Mini Day

4 Hour VIP Day

$597 +GST

Is your tech not playing nicely? Have a project but you're stuck in the tech and just can't figure it out? Or ready to start nurturing those new leads but you have no just don't know where to start?

If your To-Do List is growing longer by the day this quick fix half day is ideal.

Leave the tech to me!

I'll take your to-do list and turn it into a "ta-da!" list.

Full Day

7 Hour VIP Day

$1197 +GST

This extended VIP Day is your chance to dive deep and conquer those bigger projects that have been holding you back.

I can tackle anything from uploading a mountain of course content to building that new opt-in or sales pages for your new lead magnet and let's not forget the automation!

By the end of the day, your tech will be operating on autopilot and your to-do list will be a thing of the past.

System Set Up

Done For You

From $497 +GST

Feeling lost in a sea of buttons and settings? Let's ditch the platform panic! Take the guesswork out of setting up your platform whether it's your email marketing platform (Mailchimp, ConvertKit, etc.), Dubsado, or Asana.

I'll work my magic behind the scenes, customising everything to your specific needs. Imagine nurturing leads, managing clients, or organising projects like a pro – without the setup stress!

By working together, you’ll experience…

✔️ Stress-Free Tech Management: Imagine handing over all those techy tasks that tie you up in knots. That’s where I step in. You’ll get to focus on what lights you up – creating, teaching, and connecting with your community.

✔️ More Time for Your Genius Zone: With all the techy bits off your plate, you’ll find yourself with extra hours in your day. Hours you can spend dreaming up new ideas, nurturing your community, or simply enjoying a cuppa in peace.phie

✔️ Continuous Support & Growth Together: Post-implementation, I’m on the sidelines to ensure smooth operations, and to help with any quick-fixes and questions.

✔️ A Supportive Sidekick in Your Corner: Think of me as more than just your tech guru – I’m your collaborator, cheerleader, and problem-solver all in one. I’m here for all the ups and downs, ready to celebrate your wins and tackle challenges head-on.

How It Works


Complete the enquiry form and you'll then receive an invite to book a Clarity call. After our chat, you'll be sent your proposal with my service agreement & invoice.


You'll receive an Onboarding Form asking for more information on the project from the platform you're using and more details on the project/tasks and any content that's required from you.

On The Day

I will work on the tasks allocated. Whilst you don't need to be with me on the day, you will need to be available to answer any questions. At the end of the allocated time, I will provide a video walk-through of what's been completed.

After The Day

Once our time is completed, I will be on hand for you for another 7 days for support to ask any questions or trouble-shoot if needed.

Don’t take my word for it

I feel much more confident and in control of my business and systems. With your assistance, we’ve streamlined processes, improved efficiency and implemented effective systems that have alleviated much of the previous overwhelm. I no longer worry about missing out on clients due to copy-and-paste errors, and I have more time to focus on growing my business and serving my clients effectively. Overall, I’m incredibly grateful for the positive changes and improvements we’ve made together.
Grace Choi

Grace Choi Artist

Sophie is an absolute whizz and a dream to work with! Thank you for being generous, and patient and for all your brilliant work. I have no interest in anything techy so it’s a relief I can turn to someone like sophie to sort it all out for me.
Kate Merryweather

LinkedIn Coach

I feel happier, less overwhelmed and thankful for your support. I’m now able to move forward and focus with a clearer headspace. I immediately felt a sense of calmness and approachability. I knew that if you were available and felt it was the right fit, you would provide me with the confidence needed to complete a project that was causing added stress (in addition to personal reasons). My client is happy to have a system in place to manage her orders that is streamlined. This is all new and exciting for her, and I couldn’t have completed this project without you.
Laura Rizvani

Laura Rizvani Virtual Assistant

Focus on What Brings You Joy, Not Your Tech.

Hi, I'm Sophie,

Your Right-Hand Tech Whisperer

Consider me part collaborator, part tech magician, dedicated to ensuring your tech operates seamlessly so you can shine.

Navigating tech can be tedious for many, and I'm here to remove the headache, problem-solve for you and set things up correctly the first time.

I’m here to give you back your time to do what you love by handling what I love – the tech.

Let’s collaborate to streamline your course platform and create the impact you desire.

Your journey to tech freedom starts here. No more overwhelm.
No more tech-induced panics.

Just you, doing what you do best, supported by a tech partner who’s got your back every step of the way.